Piyut in the Press

Four Questions with Eva Heinstein, Who brings Yoga and Judaism Together

Eva Heinstein, the executive director of Piyut North America shares about how sun salutations and ancient Jewish poetry are brought together. You can also take a monthly Shira Yoga class to find out more at Temple Shalom in Newton.

Invitation to Piyut North America

For four days at the Pearlstone Retreat and Conference Center near Baltimore, Md., 80 rabbis, cantors, synagogue musicians, and educators from the United States, Canada, and Israel, explored piyutim (liturgical poems) from all over the world and discussed issues related to prayer and the leading of prayer.

Featured Project of the Revson Foundation

In North America, the Revson Foundation supports projects that revitalize Jewish culture, address the evolving relationship between media and memory, and reinterpret Jewish tradition. Piyut North America is featured here as a supported project of Revson.

Targum Shlishi

An Eclectic Mix of Intriguing Projects:  A Round-up of Recent Initiatives Supported by Targum Shlishi

The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life

Hebrew poems (piyyutim), chanted for centuries across the Diaspora, have been adapted to different melodies, evolving into a form of  “Jewish world music” with roots in Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East. The program will include words by Professor Robert Alter, and a performance of traditional and contemporary musical interpretations by Schusterman Visiting Artist Yair Harel and the Ensemble Tafillalt (Jerusalem).

Piyut in Spirituality & Health Webmagazine

The ancient asanas of yoga find a surprising new partner - Jewish liturgical chants. Jennie Dorris looks at the new connection found between Piyut and Yoga in New York, Boston, and San Fransisco